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Legal fees should not be a burden and we are committed to providing clear and transparent fees at the outset. That's why we provide all clients simple prices and No Hidden Fees. 

Our charges are not just based on the time we spend on your case - we also take into account the complexity, urgency and the value that it will provide you. We will provide you with a variety of funding options and tailored fee packages depending on your case and this will be discussed with you before any work commences.

24/7 Enquiry Line


We offer you a chat our client services team to discuss your matter in general and to decide a cost-effective and amicable way forward. If your case is very straightforward you may not need to instruct a solicitor and we can suggest you on how to progress the matter yourself. If your case does require further progression we will likely arrange an Initial Meeting with a solicitor to discuss legal options and a strategy.


Initial Meeting


If your matter needs progression, we will offer an Initial Meeting for a low fixed fee to discuss your options. Unlike most solicitors, our Initial Meeting has no time limit as we want you to be able to discuss your matter in full without worrying about running out of time. Initial Meetings can take place at our offices, through Skype or Facetime and in some circumstances at a location closer to you.


This Initial Meeting will enable you to meet your solicitor and discuss all your options and a strategy for your matter. At the end of the Initial Meeting, it should become clear what your legal options are as well as the legal costs if the matter requires further progression.


Some Initial Meetings may not be suitable under our low priced fixed fee, for example, if there are proceedings already in place or if there are substantial documents to consider. We will agree on funding options if this applies to you.


Fixed Fees


Further to the Initial Meeting, we may be able to enter into a Fixed Fee price for specific work. This will generally be the case in straightforward matters such as uncontested divorces. Fixed Fees are also generally available if you require advocacy and representation at a hearing.


Interest-Free Payment Plans


We are one of the only law firms in the country to always offer an interest-free payment plan for fixed-fee work. Other firms tend to insist on you paying your entire fee upfront for work that can take money months, however, we understand that this is not practical for everyone and we provide you with the flexibility of spreading your payments for fixed-fee work over the course of a few months.


Time Worked / Hourly Fees


If Fixed Fees are not suitable, for example in the event of court proceedings or contested matters, we will give you a clear estimate of the work and expected fees. In these cases, we will charge an hourly rate and the charges are based on the amount of time and work spent on your matter, complexity and urgency of the case.


Pay As You Go


We offer you a Pay As You Go legal service if you feel able to deal with the majority of your legal matter yourself and only require occasional advice, assistance and representation. We will explore whether a Pay As You Go service is suitable for you and we will inform you when you need to meet with us and what work you will have to do yourself.


Litigation Loan Funding


We are one of a few firms that have partnered with specialist providers of litigation loan funding for family law cases and we can discuss this option if it is appropriate in your case. The funding terms are competitive compared to personal loans and credit cards. The provider will also likely agree for you to repay this loan from the settlement you receive at the end of the case. 


Legal Aid


Legal Aid remains available for public law matters and for divorces and private law children matters if there is evidence of domestic violence. In the majority of cases, your financial position and prospects of success will need to be assessed. All clients will be assessed for Legal Aid either during their Free Chat or Initial Meeting.


Alternative Funding


There are a variety of other funding options available, including court applications for maintenance.


Other ways to fund your case include borrowing on low or zero-percent interest credit cards, personal loans or gifts and borrowing from friends and family.


In all cases, we will assess all options for funding and agree with you on the best and most cost-effective way forward.


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