Law Rewards

Referrals, Incentive, Refer a Friend Scheme

We believe that everyone should be entitled to the best legal advice and sometimes it is difficult to find ideal representation.

From our satisfaction responses and reviews, 98% of clients have said they would love to refer their colleagues, friends or family to us if they ever need a divorce or family law solicitor.

To reward loyalty and commitment we offer a free £25 gift card for a retailer of your choice for all new clients you refer to us.


If your friend or family member meets our terms (below) we will contact you to confirm this and make arrangements to provide you with the gift card. 


If you would like to refer someone to us please fill in the form below or provide our details to your colleague, friend or family member, together with your full name, contact details and file reference number (if any).


Terms of the Law Rewards


  1. Our ‘Law Rewards’ is available for all legal services that we offer, except for change of name, statutory declarations, certifications and any publicly funded cases.

  2. There is no limit to the number of referrals you make to us, however, we can only accept referrals of third parties who are known to you as colleagues, friends, family or social connections.

  3. Payment of the ‘Law Rewards’ scheme will only be made to you when the referred person becomes a client, instructs us in their matter and makes a payment to proceed. If the client is self-referring they must quote your full name and contact details at the first point of contact or initial meeting for the ‘Law Rewards’ scheme to qualify. You will not qualify if the client raises the 'Law Rewards' after this time.

  4. The payment of the ‘Law Rewards’ will not be made for one-off initial meetings.

  5. Payment will be made within 28 days of the above terms being met and you providing us valid contact details for yourself.

  6. By referring new clients to us you are confirming that you have obtained their consent for us to contact them. Please only refer colleagues, friends and family members who have confirmed they would be interested in our services.

  7. We may identify you as the person who has made the referral when we contact the client.

  8. Our ‘Law Rewards’ scheme is governed by Rule 9 of the Solicitors Code of Conduct 2007.

  9. We have a duty to disclose the ‘Law Rewards’ scheme and payment being made to you to the referred person.

  10. The referral will not qualify if the person has previously contacted us regarding their matter.

  11. We will not accept referrals if we believe the person is not known to you.

  12. Cash or other alternative payments will not be offered.

  13. The ‘Law Rewards’ is non-transferable.

  14. The ‘Law Rewards’ cannot be used with any other offer or promotion offered by us.

  15. We reserve the right to withdraw the ‘Law Rewards’ at any time without notice.

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