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Some feedback we have received from clients and professionals regarding our work and client service is listed below.


Client Reviews

  • Hasan is very knowledgeable and helped me to understand the intricacies of the process and the options available to me at each stage.

Mr G, North London - Management Consultant at Big 4 Accountancy Firm


  • I was represented in a very complicated financial settlement as we have properties abroad. Very happy with the outcome. I believe without representation the outcome would have been different. 

Mr K, North London - Banker


  • They understood my needs and advised accordingly. Any issues were clearly communicated to me and my concerns were dealt with professionally. 

Mr C, South London - Director of IT Firm


  • I have known Antony for some time now and find him very reliable, which to me shows he is very dedicated to his work.

Mr A E, North London


  • They gave me the confidence to pursue the matter to ensure I receive what I am entitled to. 

Mr K, Luton - Business Analyst


  • Rajan Thandi was exceptionally attentive and professional and throughout my difficult custody case kept me informed of any and every update that came in. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Ms M, South East London


  • I would like to use take this opportunity to thank you for the advice and help you provided for me. I am really grateful for all that you did for me.

Mr A - Accountant


  • Hasan did everything he could to bring the right and just outcome to a very messy divorce. He couldn't have done a better job. Thank you, Hasan, for believing me and fighting my corner.

Mrs M, South East London


  • I can say in all fairness and wholeheartedly, his manners are second to none. He is extremely polite and very calm in tense situations.

Mr S, Enfield


  • Hasan was helpful for the past 2 years of my divorce case, he rang and emailed me if he received any news from court. He explained matters to me well and I am so glad that he was my lawyer. 

Mrs A, West London


  • My stepdaughter is now in the United States with my husband and I. No more suffering for this 7-year-old.

Mr & Mrs L, New York, USA


  • There have been very challenging moments which Antony has handled with all his career expertise. He has many qualities and a great understanding of complex situations.

Mr B, London


  • Rajan supported me and my family and he kept me updated and represented in a professional way. I'm happy that I met him and his service. I recommend his professional to anyone. He will go all the way to help you out.

Mr E, London


  • It has been a great relief being represented by you. I am more than grateful for all your tenacity, advice and support in a caring, sensitive and ethical manner.

Mrs R, East London


  • They always understood my needs and advised me with their knowledge and supported me to make the right decisions. I was offered compassion when I needed it most. 

Mrs O, North East London


  • I would like to compliment this man on his very outstanding work. He is a true professional.

Mr A, Enfield


  • Rajan supported us through a very difficult custody battle and we got the outcome we dreamed of he always kept us updated and represented us in an excellent way so grateful for his service and will definitely use him again if needed.

Ms P, South London


  • Antony is a true architect in his profession, that’s all I can say.

Mr A.E, North London

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Professional Reviews


  •  Hasan is an exceptional family law solicitor.  I have worked with him in some of the most complex children cases in the High Court including those with an international element.  He is very dynamic, has excellent client care and uses his strong strategic mind to make a real difference in a finely balanced case.

Cyrus Larizadeh QC, Barrister


  • I have had the pleasure of working with Hasan on many occasions over the last few years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he is a diligent and hard working solicitor who is entirely focussed on his client's interests, interests that he represents with passion and integrity. I look forward to continuing that work as Hasan embarks on a venture that I have no doubt will be a success.

Charlie Peat, Barrister


  • Rajan is an excellent solicitor to work with. He clearly considers the case before him and all the options available in putting forward the most effective arguments. He is sensible in his approach and collaborative in working with the other professionals on any matter.

Priya Baskaran, Solicitor at Atkins Hope


  • Hasan Hadi is a highly enterprising and dynamic young solicitor. Over the last year, we have worked together on several public law children cases. He has demonstrable experience of dealing successfully with the challenges and complexities of care proceedings; the international movement of children; and mental health and mental capacity issues.

David Boyd, Barrister & Tribunal Judge


  • Rajan is an enthusiastic lawyer, who is always a pleasure to work with due to his professional and diligent attitude towards his work and clients.

Local Authority Lawyer


  • I have always found Mr Hadi to be conscientious, hard-working and reliable.

Jason Green, Barrister


  • I have known and worked with Mr Rajan Thandi (referred to as Mr T amongst colleagues). Although we specialise in different areas of law, I have found from experience that he is extremely knowledgeable in the field of family law, as well as public and private children matters. I have sought advice from Mr T on more than one occasion has provided me with much welcome advice in circumstances where our respective legal disciplines have crossed. Rajan is extremely passionate about his work and is a true fighter in every sense of the word when representing his clients to ensure that they obtain the best outcome.  His passion for his work is matched by his specialist knowledge within the field of family law.  He is approachable, friendly and more than able to relate to his clients easily.  In addition, he is empathetic to the needs of his clients, who often seek assistance whilst struggling with very difficult emotional issues. Rajan has achieved excellent results for his clients as a result of his work. He is a tenacious court advocate and a first-class lawyer. 

Patricia Michael-Forrester, Solicitor at Clapham Solicitors


  • I have worked with Hasan for over six years. He is a conscientious and committed solicitor with excellent attention to detail. Hasan works hard to ensure the best possible outcomes for his client. Hasan is knowledgeable and very personable. An excellent advocate.

Naomi Ayodeji, Solicitor at Burke Niazi


  • Rajan is an excellent solicitor with a sophisticated grasp of the law and the nuances of family law. In his approach, he is extremely thorough and meticulous and leaves few stones unturned. His client care skills are second to none and he is able to put clients at ease very quickly.  While understanding their particular positions he has an uncanny ability to be able to assist clients in seeing the bigger picture and in making informed decisions about their cases.  Rajan has extensive experience of working with clients with multiple vulnerabilities and is valued by his clients in being able to understand their vulnerabilities and to advise them in an appropriate and sensitive manner. I have found Rajan to be extremely pleasant to work with and have always enjoyed working with him.

Saiqa Aslam, Barrister at Number 8 Chambers


  • Hasan is a fantastic family lawyer. He has a level-headed yet meticulous approach to cases. He goes the extra mile for his clients and gets results.  

Natasha Ord, Solicitor at Blanchards Law


  • Having known and worked with Hasan since we were paralegals, I can attest to his commitment and passion for his work, and the professionalism he portrays in achieving the best outcome for his clients. Being a Resolution member, he is firm in his negotiations but maintains the sensitivity that is needed in this area of law. It is this balance that allows him to achieve the best results for his clients. 

Priya Baskaran, Solicitor at Atkins Hope


  • Rajan Thandi is a pleasure to work with. The thoroughness of his preparation recently made the difference in a case where our client succeed against strong odds

Delphine Breese-Laughran, Barrister at One Pump Court


  • Mr Hadi is an excellent lawyer with fine attention to detail and expert knowledge of his area of the law.  As well as being a skilled negotiator he is approachable with a good client manner.

Sadikur Rahman, Solicitor at Edwards Duthie


  • I had the pleasure of working with Rajan for 3 years. He is a reliable and hard-working solicitor with excellent client care skills. Whilst completing my training seat in family law, I found him to be approachable and very supportive as well as having a thorough grounding and understanding both of the law and the practical issues relevant which can arise in family cases. He will always do whatever he can to progress the case and further his client’s objectives in a sensitive and diligent manner.

Sepideh Ghaffari, Solicitor


  • I have always found Hasan to be a dedicated solicitor. His caseload is very organised and he has been continuously successful in achieving costs orders in complex divorce and financial matters.

Siraj Khan, Costs Draftsman


  • Rajan is very thorough in the preparation of his cases, he engages well with clients and inspires their confidence. He acts promptly on instructions, is unfazed by any complexity that arises in a given case and has a sound knowledge of Family Law. He is courteous and prompt in all his communications. Instructions to counsel are always well prepared, analytical and provided in good time before a hearing, invariably, with a successful outcome.

Abida Huda, Barrister at One Pump Court


  • Hasan has a robust approach in every case. He provides clients with confidence and has had successes in a number of cases. He is also outstandingly helpful with colleagues and team members.

Tazeen Butt, Solicitor at Shelter


  • Rajan is very meticulous and thorough when handling his cases and provides excellent client care to each of his clients. He is knowledgeable in the areas of family law and Mental Health law and has particularly assisted me in preparing submissions for hearings.

  Mark Kaliisa, Trainee Solicitor


  • Hasan has a very analytical and meticulous approach in his handling of finances and assets. I have always found him to be swift in spotting discrepancies and investigating them further.

Zoya Sharif, Accountant 


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